A Netware Migration

Finally, we migrated the last Netware system in our installed base over the weekend. It was done with a sense of relief and nostalgia among the IT support persons of our customer and Netmark. A sense of relief because in this case, there is now one less operating system to support, file and print services were moved to a new storage system in a Microsoft Active Directory domain. A sense of nostalgia because Netware was the first network operating system many of us learnt. Besides Netware represented the "state of the art" in network operating system in the early 1990s.

The migration tasks include migrating users and groups from Netware, and migrating file and print services. The tasks also include deploying group policies to take advantage of the security and productivity enhancements of the Microsoft Active Directory system.

23 May 07

What our customers say:

"Your article brings back fond memory of my Netware days"

"I think many (in the IT) older than 25-30 owes something to Netware OS. I think I do."

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