Updates and Projects

We are pleased to share with you some recent updates and projects. These spice up the otherwise more commonplace daily service and support activities we do.
  • Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Group (DAG)
    Implemented DAG on our in-house Exchange 2016 server for high availability.

  • Yet another Microsoft Exchange upgrade
    Successfully completed Microsoft Exchange upgrade for one other customer. Incidentally, we have carried out our in-house Microsoft Exchange 2016 upgrade too. The primary design goal for Exchange 2016 is for simplicity of scale, hardware utilization, and failure isolation.

  • Microsoft Exchange 2013 upgrade and VMware Partner Program Renewal
    Recent activities include a Microsoft Exchange 2013 upgrade for a mid-size customer. Besides, Netmark's VMware Solution Provider-Professional level program membership has been renewed effective 21 April.

  • Netmark recertified as Cisco Select Partner
    Netmark has received the following three partner and product recertification from Cisco on 11 Jan 16.
    Cisco Select Partner
    Cisco Express Security – NGFW Specialized
    Small and Midsize Business Specialization

  • Partnerships that deliver innovations for you
    There is this short intro about Netmark in Singtel website (link).
    Netmark Technology: providing competitive network solutions and services with Singtel
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  • HA system over Microsoft Hyper-V and EMC SAN
    Latest implementation for our customer includes a High Availability system over Microsoft Hyper-V and an EMC SAN storage.

  • Server Virtualization
    According to the latest news reporting, 18% of x86 servers in Singapore in 2012 were virtualized. This figure might seem low compared with 80% of that in Australia, we believe the pace here in Singapore has quickened. Over two third of server systems we carried out so far this year are virtualized. Ease of management and support and overall cost savings are the two main factors powering it.

  • Over a l00 SingTel local connectivity services implemented
    Yes, more than a hundred, the total number of connections implemented directly or indirectly with our partners over the last few years, the latest implementation being a multisite SingTel eLite Meg@POP EVPN service. Our customers use SingTel’s local connections to link up their branches, warehouse, and retail outlets for various productivity enhanced applications.

Please let us know if you would like to know more.
28 October 2016

IPV4 to IPV6 Transition

This website is now IPv6 ready

We have deployed IPv6 dual-stack solution - an industry-recognized approach that ensures a smooth and secure transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

Besides the obvious problem of IPv4 address exhaustion, we deployed it in our network because IPv6 offers some new features like embedded security support, simplified network configuration and improve quality of service for peer-to-peer applications.

Please let us know if you would like to know more.

1 June 2015