Promo: Singtel Managed Security Services

Customer Benefits:

* Simplify management
* Reduced costs
* Advanced Security
* All-in-one Protection

Pricings related:

* $6.42 per user per month
* Minimum 3 users
* 24 months contracts

Other terms and conditions applied

Why SingNet Fibre Broadband Service?


  • SingTel owns the most established Fibre Structure network in Singapore
  • Carrier with the largest international direct connectivity to countries and peering with international networks
  • The largest backbone for data service

SingTel eVolve Broadband

  • Dedicated Fibre Network for Business user traffic only - does not carry any consumer user traffic
  • Fully owned and managed by SingTel
  • New business possibilities with cloud computing services: SingTel ONEOffice (email collaboration), Video and Data conferencing, online storage and real-time backup