SingTel Channel Partner services and supports

As a SingTel Channel Partner of more than 9 years now, we have been tasked to promote and procure the sales of SingTel corporate products and services. These include assisting you to identity the types of SingTel products that best meet your business requirements, collecting and forwarding your application forms to SingTel for processing, and helping to ensure a smooth implementation when necessary.

SingTel products and services that we promote cover the whole suite of SingTel Corporate products which include, but not limited to the followings::

  • SingNet Internet access: DSL, eVolve, eLite, Ethernet, MetroEthernet
  • Local and overseas branch office, Intranet connectivity: Meg@POP, MetroEthernet, ConnectPlus
  • Colud Computing Iaas and Saas, EXPAN and managed services
  • Other Telco services like iPhoneNet, ISDN, DEL etc.

Our core supports and services

  • LAN/WAN Network Integration Support
  • LAN/WAN Comprehensive System Support
  • Disaster Backup Support
  • SingTel Channel Partner services and supports

Lifecycle Support

A networking system needs to evolve to stay relevant. The three stages in a network system lifecycle are: System Analysis and Design, System Implementation and Training, Performance Analysis and Review. Lifecycle support is an integral part of our service fabric.