LAN/WAN Network Integration Support

Expert assistance in development, implementation and support of LAN/WAN system.

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LAN/WAN Comprehensive System Support

This frees up IT Managers to focus their resources on adding value to their companies.

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Disaster Backup Support

Disaster Backup Support ensures business continuity at times when disaster strikes.

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SingTel Channel Partner services and supports

As a SingTel Channel Partner of more than 9 years now, we have been tasked to promote and procure the sales of SingTel corporate products and services.

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29 Jun 11

Our core supports and services

  • LAN/WAN Network Integration Support
  • LAN/WAN Comprehensive System Support
  • Disaster Backup Support
  • SingTel Channel Partner services and supports

Lifecycle Support

A networking system needs to evolve to stay relevant. The three stages in a network system lifecycle are: System Analysis and Design, System Implementation and Training, Performance Analysis and Review. Lifecycle support is an integral part of our service fabric.